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Start of 2014-15



2014-07-11 11.37.01

As the Friendlies start the ground hopping season begins as so on Friday the 11th of July I made my way to Brunton Park to witness a unadvertised pre season kick about between Carlisle and Southampton U21 taking along my friends Danny and Oliver. We weren’t allowed onto the training pitch to watch but managed to get round the back of the Stadium and watch from the top of the flood barriers. United went on to Win 5-1

On the Saturday I was at the Carlisle United Family fun day selling back stock of Carlisle Programmes and a few other bits and bobs in a effect to raise money for the BBC Cumbria Jigsaw Appeal and clear a bit of the clubs back stock programmes a fair few were shifted although at 20p a time were not going to make a fortune, but every little helps hopefully the programme sales will have influenced the club enough to enable me to do a regular stall on a match day hopefully discussions will take place.

2014-07-12 10.48.19

After that it was on to Gilford Park for Celtic Nation V Albion Rovers the game ended in a 1-1 draw which was a fair result in the end Celtic Scored early on and you thought they would put a few past Rovers but it never happened

2014-07-12 15.01.362014-07-12 15.01.432014-07-12 15.01.46

Sunday and it was up to Gretna for the Raydale Cup the 3rd and 4th Play off Between Stirling Albion and Gretna it ended 4-2 to Albion then Annan and Workington Contested the Final neither side were able to break the deadlock so it went to Penalties but only after Dan Wordsworth had been sent off for Workington for Dissent in the last few minutes, Annan Later Winning 4-2 after Lee Andrews and Phil Mcluckie missing the penalties

2014-07-13 17.19.472014-07-13 17.20.402014-07-13 17.22.59

Annan Lifting the Trophy with former Carlisle United Defender Steven Swinglehurst gettting player of the tournament

2014-07-13 17.28.442014-07-13 17.27.02

An excellent weekend to start the Season off



Goals 14

Red Cards 1

Prices paid

Celtic Nation £3 adult £1 Child X2

Gretna £7 + £2 Child X2

Total Weekend Cost £16

As an insight into my travelling life I have decided to log how many miles I have done in a week

this week its :- 88 in the Car 19.17 on the Bike and 2,192 in the Van which gives me a total this week of 2,299.17

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Season Stats 2013-14



77 Games this Season 38 New grounds 12 grounds more than last season also beating my PB by 2 (75) the 92 was re-completed by visiting Newport on 16th March

Memorable moments include:-

  • Visit to Las Palmas the atmosphere was buzzing never been to anything like the Canary islands derby
  • The weekend Triple header in London Visiting Wembley, Welling and Barnet
  • The Double header at Salisbury and Newport
  • The Gateshead Play off Semi when they beat Grimsby 3-1 was a one highlight towards the end of the season
  • The 2 Weekend ground hops in the Northern League really helped push my total up
  • Getting in the Local Newspaper

Image (62)

To be honest there hasn’t been many this season been a poor season all round not just for Carlisle but for Hearts as well although I have beaten my personal best for games in a season it has come at a cost to my family life but I won’t go into on here as the damage may have already been done. I must admit sometimes when your life is going wrong elsewhere you tend to go to football to get a release from the bad heads and stresses, which to a degree worked for me but towards the end of the season I started to take the stress and worries into the games with me the season had been such a poor season for my clubs. Instead of watching the games and enjoying them I was worrying throughout the games, I didn’t help when Carlisle were playing so poorly with very few highlights. The games and holiday in Spain were supposed to be the highlight of my season and supposed to let me chill after a long season but I spent most of the holiday worrying about what was going to happen when I got home.

During the close season I have to take a long look at my life with football. I have always centred things around football and football was always my release from the stress of the day life but with my kids now 6 and 10 they must always take priority. Although I have always been football mad its only since 2009 that I have been doing neutral grounds. It does take over your life hopping became an addiction to me the consent checking of the fixture list all week sometimes taking off in the Car with the Kids packed in the back knowing that I have to juggle their attention and well being along with watching the game. I must give the kids credit they have put up with twice now 3 games in a day, double headers and long weekends away. To an extent they enjoy the Northern League where they can run around take a ball and kick it around on open area’s to their hearts content. Grounds like Marske, Whitehaven and Washington have goals and nets around the pitches to keep them entertained, Others just have open grassed area’s where the usual jumpers for goal posts comes into play

So for next season I get a fresh start as a single man and Carlisle are in League 2 which gives me the opportunity to visit Cambridge and Luton and 7 other grounds that I have not seen Carlisle Play at, I aim next season to spend more time at weekends with the kids although throughout this season they have accompanied me to most games (Daniel reaching the marker of 100 grounds in April). I’ll try to stay local and try to get to more Carlisle games is a priority for me next season as well as doing things with the kids more on weekend rather than football hopefully I can cure the Addiction or at least get control of it. Also my love of all things Carlisle United has wandered a little this season but with relegation comes a complete set of new grounds which may re-ignite my love for the club and maybe I can start to enjoy Carlisle away games again.

Geoff Jackson (Addict)

For next Season

Obviously I won’t get to all of these but this is the to-do list that I aim for although as started above I need to calm my hopping down. Visits to Cambridge and Luton top of the list

The To Do list


Hope everyone enjoys the Summer


Tuesday, 27 May 2014


U.D Telde V C.D Tenerife B

Sunday 11th May 2014

Estadio Pablo Hernandez Morales


The Telde Union Deportiva is a football club from the city of Telde , Island ( Las Palmas ) Spain . Currently playing in the Division III category, after ascending administratively in 2010/2011 season. The UD Telde is the fourth team in qualifying Group XII Historic Third Division

La Unión Deportiva Telde born in 1965 as a result of the merger of several teams in the municipality. In 1980/81 season is one of the twenty teams that founded the Grupo Canario Third Division, of which he was champion in its second season. Another achievement of the clubs is shared with Las Palmas At. CD Maspalomas and being the first teams that reached Segunda Division B Group Canario from the Third Division, was in the year 1987 after finishing third in the league championship they stayed there for 4 seasons. On there return to the Third Division they tried for several years to return to Segunda B without success. In 2004-05 they were relegated before regaining promotion in 2010-11. The team plays its home games at the Estadio Municipal Pablo Hernández Morales, with capacity for 3,500 spectators.


Leaving the Hotel in Las Palmas I made my way down the Gran Canaria Motorway GC1 I came off at the Junction with the GC-10 and Drove about a mile down the road before I passed the Stadium on my right. To get to the ground I had to drive down to the round about then do a U turn am come back down the other side of the carriage way come off at the Camino del Hornillo turn off then crossing the bridge over the dual Carriage way down towards the car park tucked in behind the stadium


The game itself was open and Frantic a fine display of goalkeeping from both keepers kept the scores 0-0 at Half time then on 56 Min’s Jorge headed the ball into an empty net. A free kick was taken on the left after a bit of a scramble a shot was parried by the goalkeeper but the shot spun up into the air and Jorge was able to head into an empty net. On 85 Min’s Eric Equalized when his shot took a few deflections and ended up in the net. In the 92 Minutue Claude and Josito were dismissed for a clash of heads Jostio making the most of the head butt to try to avoid a red card

You can view highlights Here


After the game I headed down towards Anfi De Mar to continue the rest of my family holiday I wasn’t able to pick up any more games that week but came close to Club de Futbol Mogan and CD Arguineguín which is the town where Manchester City and Spain forward David Silva was born.



Division :- Spanish Third Division group XI
Ticket Price  2 Euros
Programme None
Attendance  Around 150
Score 1-1


Match Day Photo Album

Monday, 26 May 2014


UD Las Palmas V CD Tenerife

Saturday 10th May 2014

Estadio Gran Canaria


Unión Deportiva Las Palmas, S.A.D. is a Spanish football team based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in the autonomous community of Canary Islands. Founded on 22 August 1949 it plays in Segunda División, holding home games at the Estadio de Gran Canaria, with a capacity of 31,250 seats.

The club remains the only one in Spanish football to achieve back-to-back promotions to La Liga in its first two seasons. It had a 19-year run in the competition, ending in 1982–83. Even though the club registered with the Royal Spanish Football Federation on 6 June 1949, UD Las Palmas was officially founded on 22 August of that year, as the result of a merger between all five clubs on the island: Club Deportivo Gran Canaria, Atlético Club de Fútbol, Real Club Victoria, Arenas Club and Marino Fútbol Club. The union was to create a club strong enough to keep Canarian players on the island and not to seek a better career on the mainland.

Honours include the Segunda Division in 1953-54,1963-64,1984-85,1999-2000, They have been in Europe on 3 Occasions, The 1969-70 Season saw them compete in the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup knocked out in the 1st round by Hertha BSC in 1972-73 they Qualified for the UEFA Cup losing to FC Twente in the 3rd Round after beating Torino FC and SK Slovan Bratislava. The 3rd time was in 1977-78 when they lost to Eventual Champions Ipswich in the Second Round. also that season they lost the Copa del rey final to Barcelona. They have been in the Segunda Division for 8 Seasons after being promoted from the Segunda B in 2005-06 they had previously been in La Liga in 2000-01 and 2001-02  


When my Partner and I decide on a holiday they always usually end up being centred around a football match. This season after deciding on Gran Canaria as our destination a study of the Fixture list decided that Las Palmas was going to be my desired fixture. After my partner booked the 2 weeks in her Aunties time share and her flights in became clear that I was going to be unable to get 2 weeks off work. So I made the decision to go for the 1st week and fly out alone, this was because the match KO time had not yet been decided slightly frustrating but that's the way the Spanish do it. So I booked the Early morning flight from Edinburgh for around £55 0620 Arriving at 1115 thus being in Gran Canaria for any eventual KO Time, Then low and behold the match had been scheduled for 9pm on the Saturday Night which meant a long wait for KO.

My Journey began on the Friday night Leaving Carlisle on the 2210 to Edinburgh Haymarket (ticket has been booked in advance for £8)  the newly refurbished Edinburgh Haymarket The station was listed amongst the most congested on the Scottish railway network due to rapid increases in passenger numbers. Network Rail has recently completed a £24M upgrade following the 2007 business plan, which suggested that options for remodelling passenger facilities at the station were to be considered during the period of the plan.


Upon exiting the station I found myself at the Bus stop waiting for the 100 Night bus to Edinburgh Airport Priced at £4 (The trams do start on the 31st May 2014) The Journey didn’t take long and I was at the Airport Shortly after Midnight. I had a 6 Hour wait at the Airport taking a seat in the Costa Cafe which is open 24 Hours. I then had breakfast at The Wetherspoons named the Turnhouse Bar which is open from 5am.


The busy flight took off from Edinburgh around 0635 and we landed safely at Gran Canaria Just after 11 I then Collected the Hire car (Which cost £66 for the Week) and headed to Las Palmas. This was my 1st driving experience abroad and after the initial panic at the 1st round about I eventually found my way up to Las Palmas where i collected some Fuel priced at 21 Euros that lasted me the full week. I then made my way up to the Stadium buying a ticket for 22 Euros and having a quick look in the Club Shop


After that I headed to a hotel I had booked in the Town Centre close to the beach. I did this because the thought of driving from Las Palmas to Anfi del Mar, located just outside of Arguineguín. at midnight didn’t sound a good idea to me. So I Stayed in the Hotel Puyol for 35 Euro’s around £29. Around 6pm I decided to make my way towards the ground I headed for the town centre and then found myself standing at a bus stop waiting for the 44 bus to the stadium many Las Palmas cars went past bipping horns and waving flags as the atmosphere boiled. Arriving up at the ground for 8pm (yes I got lost a little and ended up waiting 30 Min's for a bus) I headed to the numerous bars looking for a couple of Dumbarton Lads I had meant on the plane, but it was no avail the bars were rammed solid the streets were full of rubbish and discarded beers (Id hate to be cleaning up that mess). I entered the stadium around 2045 and was able to grab a quick beer before KO (Not sure if it was alcoholic). The atmosphere was amazing both sets of fans made so much noise. When the winning goal went in with minutes to spare the ground erupted, it was like they had won the cup


The Canary Islands derby is the name given to football matches contesting Spanish sides UD Las Palmas and C.D. Tenerife, who are generally regarded as the top two sides in the Canary Islands.The Canary Islands derby is a match with a lot of rivalry and intensity that has always faced the islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife and its inhabitants.According to World Soccer Magazine,The Canary Islands derby is on the list of the 50 greatest rivalries in the world,is considered one of the most important and spectacular derbies in Spain. Las Palmas have generally been more successful in derby matches.

You can view highlights here

You can get an idea of the Atmosphere here

After the game I decided to walk back to the Hotel it took me over an hour for the 6.3 Km’s and I had a nice walk along the sea front at the end of it having a beer in a bar near the hotel shortly after midnight before retiring to bed ready for the second game the next day in Telde.

Division :- Segunda Divison
Ticket Price Adult 22 Euros
Programme Free
Attendance 31,123
Score 1-0

Matchday Photo Album

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Overall 118 Revisit

Wolverhampton V Carlisle

Saturday 3rd March 2014




Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club (commonly referred to as Wolves) is an English professional football club that represents the city of Wolverhampton in the West Midlands region. The club was founded in 1877 and since 1889 has played at Molineux. Having been relegated from the Championship on the final day of the 2012–13 season, the club is a member of League One, the third level of the English football league system, but have already won the division and thus will return to the second tier in the 2014–15 season. The club have won the 1st Division (Now the PL) on 3 Occasions 1953-54, 1957-58 1958-1959 The Second Division in 1931-32 1976-77 and 2008-09 As well as 3rd Division in 1923-24, 1988-89 and now 2013-14 Also winning the 4th Division in 1987-88. They have won the Fa Cup 4 Times 1893, 1908, 1949 and 1960. The FL Cup in 1974 and 1980 They won the Football League Trophy in 1988 and the Texaco Cup in 1971. They were in the Final of the Uefa cup in 1972 but lost the tie on Aggregate 2-3


In the summer of 1889 the club moved to its permanent home ever since, Molineux, in the Whitmore Reans area of the city. The stadium name originates from the Molineux House built in the area by Benjamin Molineux, a local merchant, in the 18th century and whose grounds were later developed to include numerous public leisure facilities. When the Northampton Brewery Company purchased these grounds in 1889, they rented their use to the city's football club, who were seeking to find a home more befitting a Football League member. After renovating the site, the first ever official game was staged on 7 September 1889 before a crowd of 4,000. Wolves bought the freehold in 1923 and soon began a series of ground improvements, beginning with the construction of a major grandstand on the Waterloo Road side. In 1932, the club also built a new stand on the Molineux Street side and followed this by adding a roof to the South Bank two years later; this South Bank was historically the second largest of all Kop ends in the country and regularly held crowds in excess of 30,000. The stadium finally now had four complete stands that would form its basis for the next half century. In the days before seating regulations, the ground could hold more than 60,000 spectators, with the record attendance being 61,315 for a First Division match against Liverpool on 11 February 1939. When the Molineux Street Stand failed to meet new safety legislation, the club began building a new replacement stand behind the existing one, on land where housing had been demolished. This new all-seater stand – named the John Ireland Stand after the then-club president – was completed in 1979, as the planned first stage of a rebuilding of the entire stadium. The £2 million cost of this stand though made the club's financial situation critical and it entered receivership in 1982. By the time the team dropped into the Fourth Division in 1986, only the John Ireland Stand and the South Bank terrace remained in use after new safety laws implemented following the Bradford City stadium fire forced the closure of both the now-dilapidated North Bank and Waterloo Road Stand, which the club lacked the finance to improve. Following the takeover of the club by Sir Jack Hayward in 1990, £8.5 million of funding was made available to comprehensively redevelop Molineux. Between August 1991 and December 1993 three sides of the stadium were completely rebuilt to form a 28,525 capacity all-seater stadium that complied with the Taylor Report: the Waterloo Road Stand was replaced by the Billy Wright Stand, the North Bank terrace by the Stan Cullis Stand, and the South Bank terrace by the Jack Harris Stand.[8] Aside from the addition of a temporary seating area in the southwest corner used during Wolves' seasons in the Premier League, this redevelopment formed the stadium for almost twenty years. In 2010 plans were unveiled of an extensive redevelopment programme to enlarge the capacity and develop the facilities.The first stage of this saw a new two-tier Stan Cullis Stand become fully operational for the 2012–13 season, raising the current official capacity to 30,852. The second stage would see the rebuilding of the oldest stand at the stadium (retitled the Steve Bull Stand in 2003) to increase capacity to around 36,000 but this has been indefinitely postponed.

My first visit to Wolves was when they were a Premier League side they had a FA CUP game against Stoke on the 30th January 2011 Ground number 118


We left Carlisle at 1000 straight down the M6 to Junction 13 then following the road straight into Wolverhampton you will come across the stadium as you enter the City. We parked up at the civic centre before heading to KFC for dinner. We made the short walk to the ground for 1430 entering the turnstiles then climbing up into the Top tier. After a while we decided to switch to the Lower tier where he height wasn’t as bad.

This was Carlisle’s do or die game to be fair the game itself didn’t really matter in order for Carlisle to stay up they had to Win then Tranmere and Crewe would have to lose with a 3 goal swing against Crewe Unlikely it seamed. Before the game I expected Tranmere to Beat Bradford but I couldn’t see Crewe beating Preston, In the end I got them both wrong as Crewe beat Preston and Tranmere Lost to Bradford. I also assumed Carlisle would beat Wolves. I was wrong after only 5 Minutes Wolves skipper Sam Ricketts was alone to cut inside to let fly into the bottom corner a rather soft goal to concede. On 24 Minutes Michael Jacobs doubled Wolves' lead after heading Scott Golbourne's cross in off the post again a rather easy goal to give away. In truth Wolves never got out of second gear and easily beat Carlisle who were devoid of any Confidence and form and had probably accepted there fate. Nouha Dicko then made it 3-0 when he rattled a strike into the roof of the net, after some good build up down the left and a good save from Pickford, Dicko had the Simple task of ramming the ball home.


After the game we were quickly able to get out the stadium and head home as the Wolves Fans stayed behind to celebrate the League One title. On the way home myself and fellow ground hopper Adam were able to contemplate the poor season we had injured and a season where everything that could go wrong did go wrong the only thing that did go for us was the Fa Cup 3rd draw which paired us with local Rivals Sunderland (Well localish as you expect being a Carlisle Fan) even then the reduced ticket prices and their FA cup Semi final against Man United meant that the money raised wasn’t as big as it should have been perhaps.

So for next season in League 2 I have Luton to Visit and possibly Cambridge if they come up as well as AFC Wimbledon, Burton Portsmouth, Dagenham and Newport who I have not seen Carlisle play at, as well and Stevenage and Shrewsbury who joined us from League 1 so out of the Current 92 I have seen Carlisle play at 55 this will be reduced to 53 once Bristol Rovers and Torquay go down as Both Luton or Cambridge/Gateshead I have not seen Carlisle at. And my 92 will be down to 90 if Cambridge come up or 91 if its Gateshead.

Sadly Wolves is a great ground and it will be a while before I visit again as Wolves go onwards and upwards while Carlisle drop down to the lowest tier of the English Professional game. what will next season bring well who knows with 10+ players out of contract this summer will be interesting


Division :- League One
Ticket Price Adult £20 Child x2 £6
Programme £3
Parking £4.20
Attendance 29829
Score 3-0

Match Day Photo Album

144 (Re Visit)

Crawley Town V Carlisle United

Tuesday 29th April 2014

Broadfield Stadium

Crawley V Brighton 29th July 2011 (22)

Crawley Town Football Club is an association football club founded in 1896, and based in Crawley, West Sussex, England. Crawley play in Football League One, the third tier in the English football league system. The club's home ground is at Broadfield Stadium. First promoted to the Football Conference in 2004, the club survived a financial crisis to win promotion to the Football League in the 2010–11 season. In the same year they reached the 5th round of the FA Cup, where they lost to Manchester United. Formed in 1896, Crawley Town became founding members of the West Sussex Football League that year, joining the Junior Division.They remained in the West Sussex league for five years before transferring to the Mid-Sussex League, winning the League in only their second season. In 2010 Bruce Winfield announced that he and Susan Carter had become majority shareholders and had attracted new investment for the club, some of which came from overseas. The investment allowed manager Steve Evans to start rebuilding the squad, which saw 23 players signed over a six-month period including Matt Tubbs, for £70,000 Sergio Torres for a record £100,000,and Richard Brodie for an undisclosed fee, the fee paid is estimated at a new Conference record of £275,000.

Crawley V Brighton 29th July 2011 (9)DSCF8014

Crawley Town FC spent 48 years at their Town Mead home until the land was sold to developers in 1997. The club then moved to the Broadfield Stadium, about two miles across town. The stadium has a capacity of 5,996 people, and is owned by Crawley Borough Council. The record attendance reached 5,880 on Saturday 5 January 2013 when Crawley Town hosted Reading in FA Cup. In August 2013 it was announced that the club had agreed a sponsorship deal with the online trades comparison company Checkatrade to rename the stadium as The Checkatrade.com Stadium

Crawley V Brighton 29th July 2011 (21)

Setting off from Carlisle me Danny and Harold made the Journey tto the Capital Starting with the 1249 to London Euston we arrived in London just after 1620. We then made our way to London Victoria where we met up with another few CUFC fans and had a meal in the Wetherspoons above the platforms. We then made our way on the train to Crawley we had a couple of pints in the White Hart pub in Crawley before grabbing a taxi to the ground. At the ground I grabbed a programme which was £3 but was a 12 page wrap around of the original programme that was PP.

The game was a dull 0-0 draw in a game in which Carlisle had to Win after being beaten by Oldham at home on the Saturday previous. Crawley’s Jamie proctor had the best chance but his one on one shot was saved well by Pickford. Liam Noble hit the bar shortly after that but Carlisle were unable to find a way through the Crawley defence.


As soon as the final whistle went we walked to the Station before catching the slightly late 2201 to Victoria. Upon arrival at Victoria the tube station was closed and the underground was off due to the industrial action. So we had to grab a taxi to Euston Luckily there was 5 of us so it wasn’t too bad. We boarded the 2350 Sleeper service to Carlisle me and Danny had booked the seating coach but Harold being a rail worker he had booked a bed for roughly the same price as us, arriving in Carlisle at 0520 we then headed home contemplating league 2 football next season.

$_12 (1)

Division :- League one
Ticket Price Adult £22
Programme £3
Attendance 3271
Score 0-0
Train tickets
Car-Eus £24
Victoria-Crawley £16.70
Eus-Car £27.80
Underground £2.20 (Oyster)

Match Day Photo Album (Includes photo's from 1st Visit)


AFC Liverpool V Bootle

Valerie Park

Monday 21st April 2014


A.F.C. Liverpool is a semi-professional English football club set up by 1,000 Liverpool Football Club fans in 2008. Fans are able to buy into the club on a 'one member-one vote' basis. The club kicked off the 2010–11 season in North West Counties LeagueDivision One. In the 2013–14 season they will play in the North West Counties Football League Premier Division. The first game in the club's history was a friendly played on 16 July 2008 against St Helens Town. The result was a 1–1 draw with the first ever goal for AFC Liverpool being a penalty scored by Martin Crowder.Prescot Cables granted AFC Liverpool permission to play their home games at Valerie Park up till 2014. The club has announced that, with effect from season 2014–15, home matches will be played at the Arriva Stadium, home of Marine F.C. 


Valerie Park, traditionally known as Hope Street, is a stadium in Prescot, Merseyside. It is located on Eaton Street in the Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley. It is home to Prescot Cables of the Northern Premier League and, since their formation in 2008, A.F.C. Liverpool of the North West Counties Football League, Athough Afc Liverpool are due to leave in 2014. The record attendance is 8,122.The ground has a stand with a function room and seating above it. It has also a terraced stand and 2 sides are not built on.


I had originally planned for a visit to Wakefield but the Bank Holiday traffic was bad on the A66 so I Decided to continue down the M6 I then aimed for Whitton Albion but again the traffic slowed me down I decided to aim for Prescot and AFC Liverpool just making it for 15:00 Two goals from Ryan Cox and one from Jack Sinnott ensured AFC Liverpool took the bragging rights in the mini Merseyside derby to sign off from Valerie Park in style. It was a fairly comfortable win for the Reds, who were barely troubled by their visitors in the first period and though Bootle stepped up their game after the break, AFC Liverpool’s stand in keeper, manager Paul Moore, was only forced into two saves. This was AFC Liverpool’s last game at Valerie Park before they switch to Marine’s Arriva Stadium.


Division:- North West Counties Premier Divisions
Ticket Price £5
Programme £2
Parking £0
Attendance 166
Score 0-0
Miles from Carlisle 123 Miles


Match Day Photo Album